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Welcome to the online knowledge testing system

This system allows you to run online tests
in field of software testing (QA).
Testing system rules:
- You need to create a user for identification in the system. User email should be same as in Galaxy QA Academy website. Levels 3 and more are available only to premium users
- There are three types of questions: select one correct answer, select many correct answers and type answer by yourself. You will see instructions during test for each question
- Each test is limited in time, if you didn't complete a test during the time interval specified in the description of the test, it test will be completed automatically
- All the questions in the test exclusively correspond to their level of the Galaxy QA Academy, there are no questions in the test that you did not study in the level
- There are 3 attempts to pass each test. The waiting time between attempts is 90 minutes.
By pressing the "start test" button you are using one attempt
- Most of the tests have a pass threshold of 60% - such part of the questions should be answered correctly in order to pass the test
-  The result of passing the tests will be displayed in the testers rating (Not instantly) and inside your cabinet on this site
And in the end, the wisdom of Chewbacca, which will help you stay in maximum concentration and pass all of the tests with first attempt:
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